SMATA Document Categories


Category Name Types of Documents
Accounts Payable Supplier Statements, Owner Refunds
Agency Agreement Agency Agreement
ASIC Forms Forms lodged with ASIC for Company Titles
Bank Reconciliation Bank Reconciliations generated monthly from Strata Master
Bank Statements Bank Statements received monthly from MacBank
Banking Cheques and EFT remittance advices (funds into Strata Account)
BMC & Associations Records relating to the BMC/Association for a managed Strata Plan
Building Plans Registered Strata Plan, Sewer Diagram, Construction Plans
Business Activity Statements BAS lodgments
By-Laws By-Laws
Certificate of Title Certificate of Title
Compliance Documents/Correspondence relating to all compliances (Fire, Lift, Cooling Tower, etc)
Contracts All contracts and Agreements (excluding Agency Agreements)
Correspondence All general correspondence for the scheme
Debt Recovery Notice Debt recovery notices issued from Strata Master
Direct Debits Direct Debit invoices received
Financial Reports Audit Reports, Capital Works Fund Plans
Insurance Policy Insurance quotes, Certificate of Currency
Insurance Claim Claim lodgment forms, correspondence relating to claims
Interim Reports Interim Reports issued from Strata Master
Investments Investment renewal forms
Invoice Invoices for payment
Key Registers Key request forms, signed receipt of key forms
Legal Legal correspondence
Levy Notice Levy Notice issued from Strata Master (individual Lots)
Levy Notices Legacy Levy Notices with ALL lots combined into single PDF (legacy only)
Levy Statement Levy Statements issued from Strata Master
Maintenance Documents added to Jobs in Smata
Meeting Papers Voting papers, Internal papers produced for Meetings
Minute Book Minutes, Notices
Misc Owner Invoice Owner Invoices issued from Strata Master (individual Lots)
Prior Records Handover records from previous agents, legacy DMS documents
Quote Quotes (includes those added in Smata)
Renovations Renovation applications and approvals
Reports Building reports (excluding Financial Reports, Insurance Valuations)
Strata Roll Updates S22, S118, S184, owner/tenant/agent updates
Tax Returns Tax Returns
Valuation Insurance Valuations, Land Valuations
Variance Variances (includes those added to Job in Smata)
Warranties Warranty Certificates