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Strata Management

Jamesons Strata Management is a family run business that was established in 1963, with branches spanning right across NSW and the ACT. The team has over 19 strata managers and a highly experienced support team that excel in the areas of insurance, compliance, finance, administrations, risk, legal and building construction. With over 30,000 lots in the portfolio, the team have plenty of experience managing residential, commercial, mixed use, industrial and retirement schemes.

For more information please visit

www.jamesons.com.au or call (02) 8969 3300

Kooper & Levi Strata Management was established in September 2005 by Philip Kooper. Philip started the business after realising that the strata industry had reached a point where there was growing dissatisfaction amongst owners corporations as a result of poor customer care.
Since that time, Kooper & Levi has grown to manage over 250 properties ranging from 2 – 300 lots all across Sydney.

In 2018 Philip sold the business to CNG Property Group and continues as a consultant. Paul Culbi has since been appointed General Manager and now oversees the operation. Paul has over 12 years’ experience in the strata industry.

For more information please visit www.kooperlevi.com.au or call (02) 9371 9090

Real Property Services has been trading since 1992. The business provides strata management, community title and company title management services to properties all across Sydney. In 2011 a majority stake in the business was purchased by the CNG Property Group.  The Managing Director, Paul Miller, has been at the helm of the business since 2012 taking it from strength to strength. Paul is focused on utilising the latest technologies to provide clients with the very best service as well as providing traditional personalised customer service.

Chris Darby Strata was founded by Chris and Jenni Darby in the 1970’s.  With the help of their son Andrew, they spent the better part of 40 years building the business into the largest strata company in Wollongong.  In 2019, CNG Property Group purchased the business and now supports it with state of the art technology, systems and a highly skilled and trained head office.


SMATA is proprietary cloud based software solution that facilitates maintenance, document management, invoice processing and broad workflow management.  The platform allows for all stakeholders to easily collaborate on projects while saving them time and money. The platform is viewed by the CNG Group as as the future of how the strata industry operates.

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Strata Remedial Services, based in Sydney’s North Shore, focuses on providing expert property maintenance and building services. With over 50 years of experience the team are available 7 days a week and after business hours for any emergencies that may arise.


Coverforce CNG is the insurance broking arm for our strata customers that was created in 2017.  Given the role of the strata manager is so fragmented and requires expertise from multiple areas, the partnership with Coverforce was created to enhance the experience for our customers when managing their insurance needs.

Coverforce CNG looks after insurance renewals and claims management. We seek quotes, in most instances, from every recognized strata insurer in the market, to try and find the best possible price for your insurance and we provide each owners corporation with access to a dedicated claims team meaning that all clients have direct access to specialist insurance advice on claims and renewals as and when they need it.


Whether it’s a Strata Scheme, Community Association, BMC, Neighborhood Association, Company Title or any other type of scheme, we have ongoing relationships with a number of developers and can help with the following requirements plus more:

  • Formation of the owners committee structure
  • Setting of accurate budgets
  • Establish appropriate by-laws and advise on compliance in regards to the legislation
  • Consultation with industry experts
  • Attendance of all required developer meetings
  • Arrange the first AGM and any subsequent meetings
  • Help to source contractors, suppliers and property managers
  • Provide advice on sustainable building practices and utilities